What do we do at Boot Camp Academy SA?

We do outdoor family fitness training programs for EVERYBODY that is bored with overcrowded gyms and long, boring, ineffective cardio workouts. At Boot Camp Academy we offer a unique way of getting fit & healthy and make it easy to stay in shape.

Our routines differ from day to day – so NO boredom ever, our routines are scientifically formulated and guarantee results, we received an endorsement from Professor Tim Noakes for our workout programs.

With our FUN routines and the excellent camaraderie amongst Boot Campers you are guaranteed fast fitness, fantastic results and a fitter, stronger, healthier and happier YOU. We cater for MEN; WOMEN and children of all ages and fitness levels – from the individuals who just want to get fit and lose weight to the serious athletes who want to supplement their training with strength workouts without adding bulk.

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