ReVive 8 Week Programme – Starts Wednesday; 8 February 2017

Overweight? Tired? Lost your Edge? Feeling your Age? Fit but aiming for Optimum Performance in 2017? The Revive Programmes combine the best of Functional Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, and Mind Body Interventions to address the chronic ill-health and fatigue all too common today. At ReVive we’ve designed protocols to restore metabolism, and correct the core system imbalances that cause and maintain ill health. It’s about revitalizing and restoring well-being from the inside out. The Revive programme has a specific focus on cellular energy and rebooting the body’s energy systems. Our approach supports the body, mind and spirit – the results are a movement toward optimum body composition, renewed energy, mental clarity and a reconnection with yourself and the world. We combine both ancient and modern tools for health and vitality, and with exercise as an integral part of the programme, the sessions accommodate all levels of fitness and all shapes and sizes. Anyone can participate regardless of fitness level and be challenged at the same time.

Programme outline

1   Structure Basics Standing Form Basics Minding your Mitochondria Breath Focus Goal Setting Visualisation Tapping Consultation Lifestyle Questionnaire BIA Medical Symptom Checklist (MSCL) Journal
2   Flexibility Supporting Fascia/ Tendons Mindfulness Dealing with Resistance  
3   Strength Supporting Your Muscles Body Scan Journal
4   Tone Supporting Structural Integrity Mountain Meditation BIA MSCL
5   Balance Supporting the Brain Inner balance Heart Rate Variability Journal
6 Endurance Supporting Recovery Building Chi  
7   Co-ordination Supporting Myelin Chi Gong/ Tai Chi Journal
8   Overall Combinations Maintenance and Nutritional First Aid Goal Setting Visualization Tapping BIA MSCL Follow up questionnaire